Who is Thuingaleng Muivah?

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Thuingaleng Muivah is a Tangkhul Naga who joined the Naga National Service only in 1965 and was given the post of General Secretary by the Naga National Council. After a few years he was sent by the Federal Government of Nagaland on a goodwill Alee mission. While in the foreign country, he was given a lot of honor because of his association with the Naga National Council (NSCN IM)

However, driven by personal ambition for power curl complete domination of the national defense, he started plotting against his own colleagues and eliminating those who disagreed with him. On their return journey from the foreign country, while crossing the Kachinland, he murdered Brigadier Ngamlao, Konyak and some others and started intimidating the others in the group. Many who survived this trip still remember Muivah’s words where he said “Kun Kun Phizo pichie jabo, guli ekta ekta khabo.” (Whoever sides with Phizo will each get a bullet).

In Naga culture, even when someone is doing something wrong, we try to tolerate, his wrong doing as far as possible without openly opposing him. However, Muivah’s wrong doing both spoken as well as acted out have all been recorded in writings. All these records show contradictory statements of arrogance, boastfulness, lies, treachery as well as humility. His utterances are full of diametrically opposed statements.

In his booklet “Manifesto and Polorization” (1980/1985) Muivah repeatedly called A.Z. Phizo, his family members, the Angamis and all who supported the Angamis as “Arch-Traitor” of the Naga Nation branding them as traitors and deceivers of the nation and being guilty of betraying the national cause. But now, in a complete turn about, it is most amusing to hear him praising Phizo and almost worshiping him again. In the light of all the contradictory statements, one is left wondering as to how many Muivahs actually exist as one Muivah is often heard saying the exact opposite of the other Muivah!

It is common knowledge that Muivah joined the Naga National Service as late as 1965 only. Such a latecomer thinking and acting as if he alone can solve the Indo-Naga conflict is an act of self disillusionment which cannot evoke the respect and honor of any right thinking Naga.

Muivah had earlier declared that his talk with the Indian government would be at the Prime Ministerial level and in a foreign country. But his present talks with a mere Secretary of the Indian Home department he speaks volumes on who he actually is. Also his Z category security cover provided by the enemy and his inability to visit his own native village in-spite of that protection has shown everybody, what kind of a Naga leader he really is.

In Naga national politics, NSCN is not NNC and NNC is not NSCN. Long before Muivah had even reached puberty, the national affairs of the Naga Nation had been mandated on the NNC by the Nagas. Therefore the NNC works for upholding and protection of the affairs of the nation. Muivah’s NSCN on the other hand is working for the integration of his Nagalim people under the constitution of India.

In this effort, he is using the Naga national cause as a parent body, and while opposing the Manipur state is subversively trying to integrate the rest of Nagaland too under the Constitution of India. However, the Naga national affairs are in the hands of the Naga National Council (NNC) and the Council does not require the service of a Muivah to meddle in the affairs of the nation. Such a service is not only “un-required” but even invalid too.

Muivah’s uncountable records of murdering even his own people and intimidation of the general Naga public have all been documented and kept by his own people. In this connection, the general Naga public are urged to read the interviews compiled by David Swu in his book “Interview with Naga Leader.”

In order to keep our people informed with the truth, The NNC from time to time, as the situation demands, gives out press statements and other statements. The NNC will not however give rejoinders and counter rejoinders to statements as the NSCN is in the habit of doing. NNC will also not indulge in repeatedly engaging itself with what is obviously evil. It is up to the Naga people to stand firmly with the truth and persevere for victory of the truth.

At this present juncture, our people are being subjected to a lot of inconveniences and difficulties because of Muivah and his activities. On the one hand many villagers have been forced to abandon their homes and villages and live like refugees in neighboring villages.

On the other hand, the hosting villages have been compelled to look after there dispersed villagers at the cost of sacrificing so many working days, inability to attend to their field works, none attendance of schools by school children and fearfully living side by side with gun totting cadres of the NSCN-IM.

In our custom and culture, while giving hospitality to guests in an obligatory duty on the part of the hosts, the NSCN have gone beyond all limits of courtesy by overstaying their limit. In our culture such acts are considered as shameless exploitation of other people’s goodwill and generosity.

In his track record, Muivah has killed some of our best leaders and have even boasted over those evil exploits. It is absolute taboo in our culture to share food or host such murderers of our kith and kin. To associate or have social engagements with such people is taboo in our culture.

May that which is good, be ours..

* Vilhouthie Rhiepfu is President, Angami Regional Council, NNC. 
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By Vilhouthie Rhiepfu

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