What Kukiland media wants Nagas to Know More About NSCN-IM MILITANTS

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The below lines is published by Kikiland Media Facebook Page in their page this morning i.e. 18/7/2019 with the headline Know More About NSCN-IM MILITANTS

  1. Emerging on the far eastern part of Northeast India The NSCN-IM under the leadership of Th.Muivah tirelessly killed, rape innocent Kuki and turn their lively villages into ashes and corpses. Also Read How do we trust the peace talk between Government of India and NSCN IM? By, Sh. Ajit
  2. .The GOVT.of India failed to delivered justice to those innocence lives lost in the cold hands of the NSCN-IM Instead helped them ( NSCN-IM) in building their foundation by providing them with stipend for per head NSCN(IM) and building a camp(hebron) for them. Also Read After Mizoram, Nagas feast on elephant meat.
  3. So, The NSCN(IM) continuously make easy money all around the Northeast India and those who failed to meets their demands became a victims in their cold blooded hands.
  4. The Govt of India ignores to see the crime of the NSCN-IM inturn make an agreement in the name of "CEASEFIRE" . Using this agreement as a shield they began to act boastfully in all parts of INDIA. Also Read CONSULTATIVE MEETING ON RIIN
  5. Killing innocence Kuki children and raping defenseless women with a slice of knife in their throat. while chanting"NAGALAND FOR CHRIST " at their villages.

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