What Kuki History said about Nagaland?

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According to Kuki history there were only two nations lived in Manipur region known as Kuki and Meetei.

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Where does Naga come from?

In views of Kuki, 'Manipur history' has nothing to do with 'Nagas', rather Nagas are 'lost tribe of Kuki'.

According to Kukis 'in modern world the word 'Naga' which simply means 'Naked'.

According to Kuki history Naga never had history and recorded Tangkhul tribe as thief.

According to Kuki history Nagas confined within walls of Nagaland which is one of India states.


NSCN-IM leaded by Th. Muivah forced some weaker tribes of Kuki i.e Maring, Anal, Khoibu, Kabui and Aimol to Nagas.

There were only two Naga tribes lived in Manipur they are; Tangkun and Mao.

The Kukis saying

If Lorho and Th. Muivah believe we (Kukis) are Nagas then go and live in Nagaland, don't live in Kuki's ancestors land, we don't like you, we don't like satan, satan is evil and you're same as Satan, go to hell.

Th. Muivah, Tangkun and Lorho Mao where is Naga district? there is no naga dist. Manipur Valley is Meetei/Meitei ancestor's land, hills area is only for kuki.

Rishang is the leader of Evil, Th. Muivah is with satan, he has no mind, God will punished him, NSCN-IM demands will never success, Kukis believe in God, we pray to God that some day Kukis will rise up.


Satan Muivah and Lorho said Manipurs are Meetei and Nagas, than who is the MLA of Chandel, Kangpokpi, Saitu, Saikul, Saikot, Henglep, Thanlon, Tipaimukh, Singat and Churachandpur is this the MLA of Naga or Meitei its hopeless, if there is no Kuki who is MP of Manipur in last 10 year, you people think Last MP of outer Manipur is Meitei, Meetei can never become of Outer MP.

NPF which simply means Naga people fraud, Naga people are foolish Naga/naked shameless people shameless tribe, doesn't wear clothes.

If Tangkun and Mao people don't know about 'Kuki' buy and watch Oxford Dictionary and Other English Dictionary you will know Who is Kuki. There is no definition of 'Naga' in any English dictionary. Hopeless people!

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