What is mission in biblical term?

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What is mission in biblical term?

     Mission is a sending forth the genuine born again believers to propagate the Gospel (Jesus birth, ministry, death, resurrection, and his ascending) to every loss soul.

     Matthew 28:19 therefore go and make disciples of all nations.

The task of mission is to spread the gospel to unbelievers and make them disciples, but many people have now been converted into Christianity by the preachers, and the result of which the numbers of namesake believers are been increasing in India.

     Mission has to be start from home itself and to neighbour and to Surrounding of its home then utmost part of the world. Mission work has to be done not only by Bible students neither missionaries nor pastors or church members but it has to carry out by every believer. But unfortunately many Christians in India today they thought that preaching task has to be done only by the pastors.

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