Welcome Speech For Annual Day

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A very good evening all,
On this auspicious and ever so delightful evening of annual cultural
extravaganza, ‘Cinta Unitatis 2019’, I am …………………………………………………………………who Also read Vote of thanks For Annual Day
on behalf of the management, principal, Staff and students full of
engaging elation and soulful musical rendition to welcome you all to
the fiesta of floral flow of musical feelings and glow of gorgeous
dealings here at Vimala Central School, Perumbavoor. Also Read Avoid Common Errors English

I request you all to bestow me with all the dedicated prayers to
welcome the highly honorable chief guest of the very special pleasant
evening of grand annual function ‘Cinta Unitatis 2019’.
Amidst us we have such an inspiring personality Mr Victor George V M
of Kerala University.

Mr. Victor George Post Graduate in commerce specialized in Cost
Accounting, Financial accounting and Income Tax.
He has secured his LLB from M. G. University in civil, criminal and
constitution laws, and his Doctorate in Marketing strategies from M.
G. University.

His experiences are manifold; he has also held the following positions,
• Controller of examination, Kerala University of Fisherices and Ocean
Studies, Panangad
• Programme Officer, NSS, St. Paul’s college Kalamassery Also read INHERENT-RIGHTS FOR ADOPTED CHILD SKK
• Chief Additional Examinor , M. G. University examinations
• Co-ordinator Career Guidance and Placement cell St. Paul’s college
Kalamassery • Co-ordinator Inter Collegiate Commerce Fest St.Paul’s
college Kalamassery
• General Convenor , Deseeya Bala Nanavedi Ernakulam
• Director Indira Gandhi co- operative Hospital Kadavanthara
• Chief Editor y’s Men’s club, Young Cochin
• Executive Member, Janamaithri Suraksha Samithi, etc.

We are very fortunate to have him with us this wonderful evening as a
chief guest; we extend an affable welcome to you dear sir… Also Read How Can I Improve my Classroom Management?
Our Education Councilor, Dr.  Sr. Jaya Rose Professor of Bharath Matha
College Thrikkakkara, has kindly consented to preside over the
function. A leader with vision and mission, who precede us with her
innovative ideas and creative thinking is a boon for our growth. With
profound pleasure, I welcome you sister to our  Vimala’s  Cinta
Unitatis 2019.

To our honor we have with us Sri. Eldhose Kunnapilli, The M.L.A. of
Ernakulam District Who is beyond all introductions because of his
extensive social network. Inspite of his hectic schedule his
acceptance of invitation for this wonderful evening here at Vimala
Central School is a solid embodiment of his total commitment to the
cause of education progress of society at large. May I request you all
to give him a heartfelt loud round of applause, Welcome Sir.

It is my privilege to welcome our Muncipal Chairperson Smt Sathi
Jayakrishnan who has come here to facilitate the gathering and spend
her valuable time with us in this evening, we welcome you Madam.
I would like to extend a special welcome to our local manager Sr
Clare Anto, CMC Mother is a very special and always with us through
her spiritual support, also very concerned about overall development
in students. Her valuable message, constant guidance helps a lot in
our achievement.

A sincere and warm welcome from the depth of our hear Mother.
I take this opportunity to welcome our ward councilor Smt Mercy
Johnson a person who is of great care about the residents of the
locality, I welcome you Ma’am.

One tree can start a forest, one ward can frame a goal, one candle can
wipe out the darkness, a true leader has a confidence to stand alone
The courage to make tough decision and the compassion to listen to
the need of others is an art; Principal Sr Sini Rose does not set out
to be a leader but becomes a special one by the spirituality and
equality of her action and integrity of her indent.

The quote above said is very much filling to our Sr Sini Rose, our
principal, you are the leader. You show motherly love and gave
fatherly confidence. Your endless care, guidance and support prove
that you are a great leader. We are really blessed to have a principal
like you, with a thankful heart, we welcome you dear sister.

Next I would like to welcome our PTA president Mr N.P Noushad who is a
personality much concerned about the goodwill of the institution. His
cooperation is a point to be highlighted. May I take this opportunity
to welcome you Sir. Also read List of Naga Tribes

Today we have with us sisters from all convents, Fathers from
different parishes and houses and principals from various
institutions. With utmost pleasure I welcome you all and wish you a
splendid time with us.
Last but not the least I warmly welcome all technicians, who have come
here to help us and our dear teachers, parents and all the
well-wishers,  who area a part and parcel of Vimala to this wonderful occasion.
Welcome one and all to ‘Cinta Unitatis 2019’.
Let the celebrations begin. Thank You.

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