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A warm and delightful evening to this wonderful gathering

Distinguished Chief Guests on and off the dais, local manager, Principal, PTA president , Parents and my dear friends. Also read Welcome Speech For Annual Day

The little bambinos of vimala are ready to prove their talents and entertain us through their dazzling performances I feel honored and privileged to stand before you to propose the words of gratitude for being with us this evening and making us feel proud.

First and foremost , we raise our  hearts in gratitude and thank the Almighty , the creator, for blessing us all with this miraculous evening. Also read INHERENT-RIGHTS FOR ADOPTED CHILD SKK

I would like to thank the chief guest of the day Dr.  V  M Victor George ( Registrar,   Kerala university of Fisheries and Ocean Studies. ) for being kind enough to accept our invitation amidst  his busy schedule  and  inaugurating  our Vimala’s Thyohar    Cinta- Unitatis 2019  and also  for his inaugural  address . On behalf of everyone present here I extend my sincere gratitude to you sir.

Let me thank Dr.Sr Jaya Rose [ Education Councillor , Professor , Bharat Matha College ,Thrikkakara]  for presiding over this colourful  festivity . We are really encouraged by your gracious presence and also your inspiring address.

With immense pleasure,  I extend a sincere gratitude to you sister.

It is my pleasure to thank Sri Eldhose Kunnappilly , the honourable M L A of  Perumbavoor  Constituency who is smart , energetic and much concerned about the welfare of our constituency .

With utmost pleasure, I express my heartfelt gratitude to you sir.

It is the right time to extend the wholehearted  thanks to Rev Fr  Kuruvila Marottickal  [ Vicar , St’ Mary’s Church , pbvr] for blessing this function with his gracious presence and enlightening message. Also read Northeast youth arrested from call centre

I take this opportunity  to thank Smt Sathi Jayakrishnan ,[ Municipal Chairperson , pbvr ]  for her valuable presence and also for your concern over the school .

I extend  a deep credit to you mam  on this remarkable event.

Let me extend a sense of gratitude to Mrs. Mercy Johnson , ward councilor, Pbvr for being here with us on this fabulous occasion.

Thank you Mam.

It gives  me a great joy to thank Sr. Clare Anto CMC , our local manager , your eminent presence and prayers always give us courage and strength in all our endeavors

I thank you mother for having come here and graced this occasion.

I add a sense of gratitude to our principal Sr. Sini Rose CMC , the life-blood of our school , works more in planning about the Also read List of Naga Tribesbetterment of the school and students. It is needless to say that today’s programme would not have been such a grand success without her supervision and monitoring.

From the bottom of my heart I extend a word of gratitude to our sister.

Now I thank  Mr . Noushad , P T A President . It would be the most befitting at the stage to remember the cooperation he has taken for the functioning of our school. I really glad to thank you for your support and co- operation.

My grateful thanks are directed to all the principals and teachers from various institutions, fathers ,brothers and sisters who have come here to make this event a grand success.

Thank you one and all

With deep reverence and gratitude , I thank our teaching staff for guiding us, inspiring us and making us what we are today.

It is high time to light candles of thankfulness to all the teaching and non teaching staff. Also read PARTS OF SPEECH

It is my pleasure to show a word of gratitude to our parents, who have constantly extended their love and support to all the high prospect of our institution. Also read Chief Minster invited ANCSU for the meeting

Thank you all

I would like to thank all those who have helped on this occasion.

Stage ----Antony Seema Vallam.

Decoration-Naveen Vibrations.

Light and  sound – Mr Arun Jose.

Video and photo-  –Sujith Violet Video

Audio Recording – Mr. Ashlin

Dance teachers -=Mr Das , Mr Martin ,  Ms Sreejija  and Ms Anju Priya. Video – Editing – our beloved teachers Ms  Simanti Guha, and  Ms Anjila S Rajan. Also read  Inspiring Words TO REALIZE

I thank each one of you  who have contributed  their tireless  effort and co –operation  to make this event  a  grant one.

Last I thank all the buds of Vimala who are going to bloom yet another colourful event and spread the fragrance of  love  on the stage.

Thank my loving friends  for making this programme marvelous.

Once again we express  the aura of gratitude to each one of you for being with us and also be a part of   Cinta – Unitatis 2019 . Let the day be an incredible one . With this I conclude. Also read Who is General Niki Sumi?

Thank you one and all.

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