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All the parents of Manipur having your daughter girl in Delhi as Single, than one day you are to be a parent of victim of such cases, if you are not bothering to check yours daughter’s day to days activities. So read this and be alert yourself. IGP Robin Hibu IPS , Nodal Officer for North East People, Delhi.

FLIGHT OF FANCIES of some NE air hostesses, litany of blunders resulting into indelible painful scares for life….Lessons to be learned.

Hundreds of NE girls are working in different airlines in cities, its encouraging sign but cases of few mindless activities have resulted many life threatening case following cases reported to me for justice is an eye opening for me and I believe for others girls and parents back homes too.

I too had feeling of being excllent life for those working in airlines with fat pay, flying to coveted cities, 5 star life….but after hearing above cases…..what lies beneath these flights of fancies, I am convinced, how vulnerable are these young girls miles high from ground, especially novice girls (airhostess) from small towns of NE states.

1 – 22 year old NE airhostess of going out with foreigners for night disco party, over drunk, found herself abandoned inside a van in the morning at parking place at South Delhi with deep wounds of love bites all over her body( modesty outraged), all her foreigners friends had left India by morning flights, out of shame, though she came to see me, she didn’t want to file case. she is depressed and didn’t even inform her family too.

2 – Another 26 year airhostess was living together with married pilot for 5 years, had life threatening two abortions, now suffering from anemia, her parent looking for husband for her, she came for legal action, when I suggested why not rape case, she back off. Living with frail health, grounded from flying.

3 – Another case of NE airhostess had quick marriage at Arya Samaj temple after so call love affairs without parent consent with her “caring” boy friend -Doctor by profession at Delhi, went for honeymoon at Goa, Ooty had relationship for five years, spent all her saving, now doctor after MD degree shifted to other city at southern state and he is avoiding her, She is coming to my office for justice, told her why she didn’t involve her parent ? She had no answer and now depressed.

4 – Another airhostess, God fearing, teetoteller in the beginning, is now addicted to liquor and intoxicating substances which resulted in indiscriminate and indiscipline way of life, which affected his duties as airhostess, was sacked from airhostess, still under graduate, desperately looking for some job at Delhi, was asking me to recommend her to some known company for job.

5 – Another NE airhostess in her late thirty married as second wife with an elderly rich man from mainland , but now she is feeling lonely and abandoned as her husband is spending most of his time with his first wife and children, as she does not have any children.

6 – One NE boy who was promised steward job in airline after paying 2 lakhs at Sikkim, still hanging around at Delhi for job at airline. Asking me for recommending him to some aviation company.

7- Many young girls are brought to Delhi by some agents including agent from NE states for jobs at Airport, many have paid 1 lakh each as guarantee fee to the agents, but they were asked to do menial works for months, still no airlines jobs in sight .
Many cases of similar nature are increasing day by day with our NE girls at Delhi.

  1. One late 30s NE airhostess came to me for verification of his would be life partner from mainland after having affairs for 2 years, she is hesitant to marry after two failed relationship – one with Delhite immediately after joining Airhostess and another living relationship with a foreigner( fellow church member).

ANALYSIS & LESSONS to be learned-

  • All these airhostesses are class 12th passed young girls. Naive, inocent, teenagers, Once thrown out of services, hardly they have other option of Carrer in life, nor they have aptitude study further.
  • Most of them from small town of NE states and are enamoured with fancies of city’s life.
  • They are mostly immature about hire and fire system of this unpredictable airlines sector.
  • Most have started addiction for alcohol, night parties, hanging around etc after joining airline services.
  • Their parents seems to have no idea about their life styles at city’s life.
  • They hardly mix up with NE community associations, churches etc.
  • They seems lost in those ephermal flight of fancies of midair life.
  • They, mostly don’t bother to do graduation in these midst of starry fancies flights time.
  • They mostly lived in post colony , living in rented house alone.
    I feel, we must share with our NE people, especially girls/ youth, who are aspiring to be in this volatile service sector like airlines to be careful before TAKING OFF MILES HIGH FLIGHT OF FANCIES IN BLUE SKY……
    IGP Robin Hibu IPS , Nodal Officer for North East People, Delhi.

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