Statement on Covid-19 Positive case form Nagaland

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As soon as the news broke about the patient referred from Nagaland to Guwahati being detected Covid 19  Positive on 12 April 2020 ,an emergency meeting was held at Chief Medical Officers Office, Dimapur at 12;30 am on 13 am April 2020 .The meeting was attended by Shri S Pangyu Hon’ble Minister , Health & Family Welfare, Special Committee member for Covid-19, Dimapur, Medical Superintended, Commissioner, of Police, CMO Dimapur. Medical Superintended. Medical Officers and staff. After threadbare discussion, the case history of the patient was collected and indemnified as under.


Mr Raja Jain arrived form Kolkata by Air India Flight on 709, sent no 5Bon 24 March 2020.

Self-declaration form was submitted to medical staff and was advised home quarantine for 14 days, with the condition that if he had any symptoms, he has to contact the District Surveillance unit as per the guidelines.

On the 30 March 2020. District surveillance team contacted Mr. Raja Jain by following protocol and had enquired about his health status Mr. Raja. Jain confirmed he was fine without any signs and symptoms and the team reminded him to contact the control room of Chef Medical Officers Office in case of any health issues during the quarantine period

As per the information received formed Mr. Raja Jain’s father on 12 April 2020 by which time the patient had already reached Guwahati and that he had complained of vomiting blood on 6 April 2020. On the 8 April 2020. Mr. Raja Jain was taken to Zion Hospital and was admitted as indoor patient and discharged on 10 April 2020.

On 11th April 2020 Mr. Raja Jain was re-admitted to Zion Hospital. On the same day, at 6:30 pm, the District Surveillance Team received a call from Zain Hospital station that the patient was in critical condition.  The District Surveillance Officer Integrated Disease Surveillance Programmed (IDSP) advised for stabilizing the patient and to be sent to Covid-19 Hospital, Dimapur for further necessary action and to contact the Public Relations Officer, covid-19 Hospital.

The following decisions and actions have been taken.

The entire Marwari Patti and Ghorapatty area has been sealed.

The parents and the family members of the patient who are presently Guwahati are undergoing necessary tests.

Members of the family of the patient have already been shifted to Government quarantine center.

Zion Hospital, Dimapur has been sealed. The doctors nurse all other staff and their family members who came into direct and to indirect contact with the patient to be quarantined.

Contact tracing has been started for all those passengers who were on the same flight taken by the patient -Air India 709 on 24 March2020.Althought, the 14 day quarantined period has lapsed on 6 April 2020, yet owing to the current emergent situation, all those passengers are directed to immediately report to their respective District Surveillance Unit /CMO Office wherever they are located in order to check  their health  status  for further necessary action. The action numbers of the district surveillance Unit, Dimapur are 763087791/7630877983.

The entre Marwaripati and Ghorapatty has already been sealed.

The wholesale market at GS Road Dimapur and retail shops at Marwaripatti and Ghorapatty will be closed until further order.

We appeal all citizens not to panic as necessary precautionary measures are taking place to tackle the current situation and to extend their support and cooperation towards their authorities.

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