Solved: Karnataka police arrested Arunachalee guy with no reason

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Based on yesterday, discrimination and false allegations made by Karnataka police and his neighbourhood Ref. To IPC-464 and 1864 to our Arunachalee Students residing in Bangalore. Today All Arunachal student’s Union of Bengaluru (AASUB) In colabration with (AASUK), matter has been resloved at Bagalgunte, Police station in Bangalore within 5hrs of ultimate deadline.

On the behalf of Arunachalee pressure group here in Bangalore, we assured that we will do every possible task for give comfort to our students community irrespective of tribe, race and gender as well as we are promising to our Arunachalee parents, Brothers,sisters and Gurdian don’t worry that your son/daughter are safe here.

We also extending, all the fellow students residing here in Bangalore (Karnataka) who voluntarily support us, for Earliest resolution.

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One thought on “Solved: Karnataka police arrested Arunachalee guy with no reason

  1. Sad that this kind of unthinkable incident happened ( overlooking the race/caste ) hope this kind of incident doesn’t occur again to any other citizen of the country.

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