On The Latest Status Of Foothill Road, Funding Under Special Plan Assistance, discontinued: Y Patton

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Deputy CM Y. Patton said that PWD (Roads & Bridges) undertook the foothill connectivity work from Tizit to Dimapur with an estimated total cost of 235 crore rupees.

In a written reply to MLA Imkiong L Imchen in the just concluded State Assembly session, Patton said that the work was approved during 2013-14 under Special Plan Assistance, SPA while the work for formation cutting works in those stretches of road where there was no road started during 2013-14. He said that the formation cutting works were completed while the remaining pavement works are not yet started. He said that payment amounting to 40 crore rupees was made during 2013-14 and another 27 crore during 2014-15. On the latest status of the road.

Patton informed that after taking up the works with the initial releases, further funding under SPA was discontinued from 2014-2015 onward. Also Read Govt Setting Up An Institution Of Naga Languages He informed that formation cutting works have been completed for a total of span of 129.6 kms. Patton also informed that Ao Baptist Arogo Mongdang contributed an amount of 36 lakh 56 thousand 282 rupees for the construction of the road as a supporting gesture in view of the importance of having a road in the foothill areas within the boundaries of Nagaland.

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