NSCN IM Breaks Silence on RIIN

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NSCN IM has strongly objected to the ongoing Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland RIIN exercise proposed by the Government of Nagaland to identify the indigenous inhabitants of Nagaland to prevent the influx of illegal immigration in the state. Also Read A Youth hospitalized after being bitten by four person for posting Beef photo on FB Page

In a press statement issued by the Ministry of Information and Publicity, GPRN, it is stated that all Nagas are indigenous in their ancestral homeland, which is contiguous. It adds by saying that it is the legitimate rights and political decision of the Naga people to live together under one political roof. The Nagas do not and will not accept their division by imposed artificial state and international boundaries. Also Read Northeast youth arrested from call centre

The NSCN (IM) accused the state government of getting itself contradictory to the inherent rights of the Nagas for implementing the said RIIN, which some compare it to the NRC version of Nagaland. Also Read Request for clarification from NSCN (I-M) Leadership

It further claims that it is politically motivated by some groups advocating the 16-point agreement. It may be known to us that 16 Point Agreement led to the creation of Nagaland state within the Indian union. Also Read Satanic worshipers has came back to Nagaland. The organization once again claims that Govt. of India has officially acknowledged the rights of Nagas to integrate. Also Read Naga Army New Leader
It concludes by stating strongly that all Nagas, wherever they are, are indigenous in their land by virtue of their common history. The statement affirms that it should not be distorted by anyone at any circumstance. Also Read Communicative English Assignment.

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