NSCN/GPRN down played the statement issue by colonel Than Naing

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In the light of social medias linked to clarified before the thousands and thousands of eye witness, in mizzima and irrawaddy by allegator’s colonel Than Naing, who subjugate to governs the government of Myanmar and as like playing situation in Naga inhabited areas.

Despite of situations on 29th January 2019 acted by tatmadaw and we, the NSCN/GPRN consented ten delegates on 2019 March 8, along with Naga Apex body, in order to expeditious the 2012 ceasefire continuations.

However without consultants and allege to sabotage the situations by creating a splindered allegations upon the NSCN and leading to unconditional arrest on 9th March 2019 and persuade to sign NCA. However his skillful twisted sue and baseless scope of wide allegations to propagate lawsuits section 17(1) unlawful act upon the consented five members has nothing to do.

19/5/2019 (A. Kaishan)
Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs
Govt. of the People’s Republic of Nagaland

Encoded by Shayam Wangh through Voice call

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