NAGAS Wake up enemies from all sides are attacking our Eastern people

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Our Dearest National leaders.
On the Indian occupied side of our Lim.

Respected elders,

I too was a lowly foot soldier to our national cause, but due to my own inadequacies had to leave. But let there be no doubt about the love of my Peoples and Nation. And because of this, I derive the courage to boldly address you my esteemed leaders.

Today our enemies from all sides are attacking our Eastern people not just the NA but innocent civilians. You more than me the cruelty of not just the Tatmadaw but the Indians supporting from across the artificial boundary.

It was not long ago we took refuge in our eastern lands and shared meals from the same wooden bowl when operations in India was relentless. Our people there were fed, clothed and provided shelter with villagers even ready to give their lives for us. Some of our leaders children were even named by them we are and were family. They voluntarily provided sakan to deliver supplies for us without accepting anything in return.

Today when they are suffering surrounded by enemies how can you remain silent. India wants to talk then talk with India but send your Armies to the land that sheltered you as it is being destroyed.

Whatever our differences in opinions or ideology we are of the same blood after all and a day will come no matter how long it takes that we will live together then what stories will our children tell of the Naga National leaders on the Indian occupied side.

Forgive my boldness but I cannot watch my Eastern people suffer as are hundreds if not thousands of young Nagas on this side waiting for you all to take the first steps. I have fought in foreign lands for the Nagas why can't I fight for my family in my own land.


Author: Aotemjem Jamir Naga

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3 thoughts on “NAGAS Wake up enemies from all sides are attacking our Eastern people

  1. Thank u bro for the reminder of the sacrifices our eastern Naga gav for the causes of the Nagas. The present leader of all the faction should not forget the kindness of our eastern families shown to them in their difficult hour and help them physicaly financialy and in whatever capacity they can. Kuknalim

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