Naga Hoho & Naga Mothers’ Association Joint Press Statement

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The joint meeting of the Naga Hoho, Naga Mothers’ Association (NMA) was held on 10th August 2019 at Hotel Cimorb, Kohima. The joint meeting deliberated at length on various issues that confronting the Naga society today.

The meeting called upon all the Naga people young and old, men and women to stand united and face various challenges during this defining moment as we will be able to reach our destiny only when we are united. Among other issues, the joint meeting seriously viewed the unpalatable statements of Mr. Neiphiu Rio, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Nagaland on various occasions denouncing the existence of NH & NMA.

The recent statement during the Joint Legislature Forum and Ex-Parliamentarians meeting on 7th August 2019 at Kohima, wherein, he stated that “There is no more Naga Hoho and NMA to represent the voice of the people and also FNR is no more active and the people have lost confidence. So there is no apex organisation to work for Naga Peace Process”.​The joint meeting would like to remind the Hon’ble Chief Minister that, inspite of all odds, the Naga Hoho and NMA has been standing firmly protecting the basic principles and common interest of the Naga people till today.

At this crucial moment, when many of the state-centric people have been trying to destroy the apex organizations in the state and create disunity among the Nagas, it is unfortunate and surprising for a peoples’ leader to castigate and nullify the age old social institutions in such a high level gathering. Nevertheless, most of the Naga tribe Hohos and Woman Organizations from Nagaland state has dissociated from Naga Hoho and NMA for various reasons. However, that does not qualify for the Chief Minister to denounce the very existence of the two organisations. Naga people are well aware that, Naga Civil Societies are sharply divided at the moment due to various issues that was introduced by none other than the state government like the Rongmei tribe recognition in 2012, enactment of Art 243t with regard to 33% women Reservation in 2006 which compounded to the most unfortunate and unforgettable ULBs election fiasco.

We are aware that both NMA and Naga Hoho have landed up in this present position because of the division among the men-folk and womenfolk on the above stated issues. At this crucial juncture, we expect the Hon’ble Chief Minister, who is none other than a seasoned politician and a respectable leader to talk with maturity and work hard towards bringing unity and rebuild the fractured Naga society with balance views and objectives.

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