Naga Girls At outside The Nagaland

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Dear Parents,

Please do not send your daughter outside the Nagaland for any work, (unless otherwise it is decided by you) I have been witnessing many Naga girls teaching in a different schools outside the Nagaland but they are actually enjoying their lives visiting places, sleeping outside with their friends, and living with their boyfriend in a same compartment telling their neighbors that they are relatives.

And if you are not sure about your daughter’s income please keep in mind that no school will give less than 12k in a month for teaching in a school, I worked in three schools and my starting salary was 15k-17k in a month and if your daughter had worked for more than three years in South her salary would be 17-20k (or more) per month. And if your daughter is working in a hotel the salary is 9k and 13k per month.

8 thoughts on “Naga Girls At outside The Nagaland

  1. many Naga Girls perusing higher studies,working in cities are non other than prostitutes.i don’t meant all just only 1 n 2 % are on their target aim… parents shd must not allow permission nor accept their daughters required/ request by sending outside…if they really love n Miss her daughter then sending outside of Nagaland shd be prohibited at any cost

    1. Your ignorance amazes me. “Should be prohibited at any cost”? You are a joke. A righteous person would never say that, because he/she would understand that it is not their place to say such a thing. Which brings me to understand that you are not one. Also you clearly need more education. Not just education based on textual study but a healthy mental education on how society works.

  2. An insult to parents of the genuinely honest and obedient daughters who lives outside as adults and maintain their sanctity…
    Not every one does that.. time to distinguish good and bad..
    Bad will be bad even if they are locked up…
    For adults, it’s their life what to do..

  3. its not only the girls it includes guys as well. just because of some person why should all the girls be deprived of their right to work and their right to acquire knowledge? whatever you said may be out of good intention best known to you but most of the receivers are not getting your intented message.

    1. Rightly said. His intentions maybe good but what he doesn’t realize is that by doing that, we take away the right of the females .

  4. Do not paint all with the same brush.
    Ghia holds good for Bihar girls in Hyderabad as well…. We cannot generalise about Naga girls like this article which shows the community in a negative light.

  5. The irony of the picture you have shown for example is that most of the boys do that both in Nagaland and iutside Nagaland. Of course, there are many guys who aren’t like that. But listen to yourself once, how does it sound when I say not to send boys out for education? Like someone had mentioned, the bad ones will indulge in bad things even in Nagaland. I had studied outside Nagaland. Naga guys in my class never attend classes, they only come during exam, use up their semester fees, drinks and smokes the whole day, comes drunk, smokes weed, screw around. Even a professor asked me this, I quote “what is wrong with northeastern boys? You northeaster girls are very good, but what’s wrong with the boys?”( Exact words, I remember it Crystal clear till now).
    Now I’m not saying all the females are good. I just wanted to throw a light on the situation of boys studying outside Nagaland too. Just because of few, don’t generalize the entire gender. Adios.

  6. This accusations are ridiculous, beyond reasoning. Unbelievable. Are the girls in the pictures aware that you have used their image to benefit your cause? As an educated adult you should know that using someone’s image without their consent is unacceptable. Yes the behaviour presented in the pictures are not of positive standard as per the society but in no way illegal or harming anyone. We Naga people think we are smart and preserving the norms of our society by calling out and harassing girls by posting pictures as you have done and condoning them for bad behaviours, however what you aren’t understanding is that by doing so you are creating a bad image for every Naga girls studying outside Nagaland. Who are you to announce this to the world and tell parents what’s best for their children? There will always be a black sheep no matter what. That is how the whole universe works. There are so many young females who are studying and working hard to achieve their goals and for you to go ahead and objectify them? You should be ashamed of your ignorance. What if they go out? Are they not allowed to have fun? That brief period of their outing does not justify their entire academic life. What is a good girl expected to do? Study, eat, sleep, go to college and not step out of their house? I understand you have an opinion and I respect that but I would expect you to keep it to yourself, your friends and family, rather than create a theory based on your ignorant assumption and raise suspicions and doubts on our dear parents. Please research, educate, and also execute your article with proper grammars before you post one next time or better yet don’t and save yourself some bad influence on Naga society that you so happily exploited.

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