Myanmar Army launched a flush-out operation against NSCN (K)

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Myanmar army (Tatmadaw) Thursday launched a flush-out operation against NSCN (K) near Hoyat village and Laonyu village along India-Myanmar border. According to a source, NSCN-K and the Northwestern division Command of Myanmar military were fighting in the Konyak areas of Naga self administration zone.

The Tatmadaw raid two NSCN/GRPN Camp around 1:30 pm and the fighting continued for hours. However, he added there weren’t any human casualties.

A Naga brother from Myanmar wrote
“World Should Know How India Use Myanmar”. (Unedited) India are the ringleaders and diplomatic bags of myanmar government. And India is motivating a diplomacy to divide into a small small state out of the country and remain biased of disunity amongs the peoples in the country and also injected some ethnics arms group to exert an arms excercise against myanmars like “a man throwing a bone between the two dog to rush and bite each others to get the bone”.

The poor foolishness of myanmar govt. doesn’t know the mechanical game of crimes of india. Above all, as per the international law bound off non interference to internal affairs of any country but indias’ violating the international law and order and coincidely involving of full swing in Myanmar.

While capturing the NSCN Headquarter, Colonel Than Nain, operation commander said, ”the 24 hours gunfire happened not by our Myanmar Tatmadaw intensions but under the ringleader like Mr. Modi who pay four billions dollars and one Warfare-Speedboat in comprise of eliminating the ethnics peoples like Naga, Kachin and so. ” Moreover, speaking to the voice of myanmar by Col.

Than Nain and giving allegations to NSCN leaders and arrested them while their came for and in order to expeditious the 2012 ceasefire agreement continuations. In his snobish and arrogance pronounce of col. Than Nain is the proved of Mr Modi covits over Mrs. Aung Suu Kyi while she was mad of her politics trophy drunk.
As the culprite is cleared that, so what must and what should to be and take up any steps according to the international law to those law breakers, is there any penalty for them to face the consequences?

Its caution that, the peoples in the world should know that, for any responsibilities should not only blame to the myanmar tatmadaw but also Mr. Modi and Rajnath, BJP (india) must bear the consequences of killings and burning downs the inoncent ethnics house for no reason and rape young and old. In the areas of Naga self-administration zone also likely going to happen.
World may see the picture soon, ” he concluded.
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2 thoughts on “Myanmar Army launched a flush-out operation against NSCN (K)

  1. The Nagas and the Myanmar’s are from same the Mongolian race we are brother but they don’t understand the policy of the Indian. They (Indian) to bring the enemity between the two brothers so we should be together in any course and fight the Indians not between ourselvies,

  2. Indians are aplying devide and rule policy so Mayanmer army and Naga army please accept and love one another, we are one….

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