Myanmar Army continue to attack NSCN (K)

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The Myanmar army today launched mortars in the nearest forest of Chen Hoyat village from 1 p.m

Informing this, the Eastern Konyak Union (Myanmar) said that Hoyat, Throilu and Nyanching villagers are in tension by the thundering bombing by Myanmar armed forces.

For the last one week innocent people are in dilemma as they are not able to move out from village due to firing day and night, and now they have started bombing the union said in a press release.

The union said the Myanmar government had promised that there would be a change in the country and it would provide development for educational institutions, medical, electricity, road communication in public area, but it has instead send armed forces to conduct operation in Naga areas.

The union said when they contacted the NSCN (K) to maintain peace, the NSCN (K) responded by saying that from 2012, ceasefire agreement has been there and that they had not fired a single shot at the Myanmar armed forces even though the latter conducted several operations.

The NSCN (K) has claimed that Myanmar army has launched continuous operation in the Naga area in the midst of peace. NSCN (K)’s stand for Naga’s historical and political determination right and preserve the without border Naga right, it said.

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