Myanmar Army again ready to attack NSCN K in Myanmar

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A tense situation is learnt to be cropping up in Namyung area of Naga self administered area in Myanmar as the Myanmar army is learnt to be readying for an armed operation against the Nagas and the Naga army of the NSCN K also preparing for an eminent showdown to defend our land at any cost and to strike back at the enemies. Also Read Myanmar Army launched a flush-out operation against NSCN (K)

Allow the notification to get updates.

It is therefore the moral duty of all Nagas to pray for peace & safety of our brothers & sisters across the so-called border who are in tension in the present war-like situation.
With the daily reinforcements of the Myanmar army to launch the operation any time soon against the Nagas, the villagers must be desperately in search of peace and safety. Also Read General Niki Sumi Story from childhood to present

Let our humble prayers reach out and be answered by our living God so that better sense prevails upon the adversaries for the sake of peaceful co-existence. Also Read Indian and Myanmar army attempting to Destroy NSCN-K, NDFB, ULFA-I and KLO Armies

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