Learn All Adjectives Endings

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Adjectives have a lot of endings,In this lesson we will study some important endings.

Some adjectives end in ful. These adjectives describe nouns that have lots of something or full of something.

A wonderful smile

A powerful man

A skillful player

A careful mother

A painful looks

Adjectives that end in less. These adjectives describe  nouns that does not have something.

Harmless animals

Homeless people

A joyless party

Useless tool

Meaningless words

Adjectives that end in ed

Invited friends

Reduced price

Wasted time

Worried parents

Boiled eggs

Adjectives that end in ous

A courageous soldier

A poisonous Indian snake

A dangerous game

A famous writer

Adjectives that ends in y

A lazy worker

A cloudy sky

A muddy path

A messy kitchen

A dirty hand

Adjectives that end in ing.

A boring game

Shocking new

Interesting books

Loving teachers

Smiling face

Adjectives that end in al

Magical power

Medical kit

Coastal town

Adjectives that end in able,ly,ive, ish, and ic.

Comfortable chair

Lovely girl

Expensive cloths

Childish talk

Basic grammar

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