India Army puppets compensate ceremony over Myanmar Tatmadaw dead

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Government of India has a puppet compensate ceremony over Myanmar Tatmadaw dead and injuriouse today held at Chen Hoyat village.

The sources informs that, Government of India has insulted an inhuman fibres thread to compensate over Tatmadaw dead and for the battle wages this afternoon, around 12:30 of local time.

The ceremony also witness by local peoples with debas and debut compensation with annoyed paying of silly commodities of 35 bags of rices, 20 bags of potatoes, 45 gallons of mustard oil and others spices etc. as comprising wages.

The sources also said that, the tatmadaw has honourably accepted as huge compensate, whereas the irritating and mockery humiliation has attended by Indian Army saying that, ” kutha kha kham to khamal hey, labour ko puppet wages dya napari ga”. Also the sources informs that, under investigating~ two weeks ago, ” still the wolves( two indian army officers ranking- lt. colonel & colonel) amongs the brutes hyaenas ( with 52 battalion of tatmadaw) as alternative operation commanders. Moreover the sources also annoyed that, this is the picture of how the india and myanmar tarnish figuratively to the international security norms configurations and irritated to whole world- wide atmosphere to create third world war, the sources added.

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