Huge problem in Naga peace process

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Ahead of October talks, NSCN (IM) General Secretary says a ‘huge problem’ in Naga peace process.

There is already a “huge problem now” in the Naga peace process, according to NSCN (IM) General Secretary Thuingaleng Muivah.

In an exclusive interview with Witoubou Newmai, Editor of Newmai News Network, on Tuesday morning at Council HQ Hebron, Muivah stated that the fate of the Indo-Naga peace talks will depend on how the Government of India responds to the “situation” when both the parties go back to the table next month (October).

The NSCN (IM) General Secretary said that the term ‘inclusive’ in the Framework Agreement has been “differently” interpreted by the Government of India. Muivah elucidated that ‘inclusive’ means inclusive of all the Nagas.

“However, the Government of India interprets the term ‘inclusive’ as Nagas to be in the Indian Union even after the settlement of the Indo-Naga political issue,” said Muivah. He informed that the NSCN (IM) “rejected this interpretation” of the term ‘inclusive’ by the Government of India.

“We will not accept such interpretation whether today or tomorrow,” asserted Muivah.

He further said that the three-month time to resolve the Naga issue is an “ultimatum to the Nagas” by the Government of India.

The other issues are with regard to a separate flag and constitution. “Flag and constitution are our identity,” said the NSCN (IM) General Secretary, adding that that without these two things there cannot be solution.

Muivah reasoned this by stating: “The history of the Nagas is unique. This has also been recognised by the Government of India. And also that, both the parties have agreed that solution must be based on this fact.”

“The Government of India openly stated that, yes, the history of the Nagas is clear. It is unique. In the agreement, you (Government of India) have also officially recognised the unique history of the Nagas. In the ‘agreement’, regarding the sovereignty of the Nagas, you (Government of India) have also officially agreed,” he said.

Muivah added that the Framework Agreement is also about shared sovereignty.

“That is all about peaceful co-existence of the Nagas and the Indians. That also means the Indians respect the sovereignty of the Nagas. That also means the Nagas respect the sovereignty of the Indian people,” he stated.

Muivah then added that in a democracy, sovereignty lies with the people. “The Government of India also said the same thing,” he claimed. “It was the Government of India who said that solution must be sought on the basis of shared sovereignty,” he added.

Concluding the interview, Muivah said “We find difficulties to trust them (the Government of India) now”, adding, “we (NSCN and the Government of India) came so close but there is already a huge problem now”.NSCN (IM) General Secretary, Thuingaleng Muivah (left) and Newmai News Network Editor, Witoubou Newmai at Council Headquarters Hebron on Tuesday. (NNN Photo)

Source: Morunexpress

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