How do we trust the peace talk between Government of India and NSCN IM? By, Sh. Ajit

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India’s Union Minister of State for Home, G. Kishan Reddy, has expressed in Lok Sabha that since peace talk with NSCN IM is yet to come to a conclusion, it is not the right time to clearly speak on the matter. Also Read Nagaland U-15 Girls Football Team Ends their Saga At The Gothai Cup

What does it mean? Prime Minister has also expressed the signing of the Framework Agreement between the leader of NSCN(IM) and Government of India to be very historic. What does it mean? Does it mean that the talk, which has been in a confused state to continue, is now going to have further steps to proceed? Also Read After Mizoram, Nagas feast on elephant meat.

Or is it because of the signing done on a simple, plain piece of paper with the so-called Naga leaders? Earlier, during his visit to Manipur for election campaign for BJP, central government’s former Minister of State (Home), Kiren Rijiju, said that the reason for not bringing the agreement to the public is because the Framework Agreement is not ripe yet and an incomplete agreement. On the other hand, on the day of signing, the Prime Minister said that the agreement was “historic”. Also Read What Kukiland media wants Nagas to Know More About NSCN-IM MILITANTS

Being a doubtful matter, it gave rise to some serious concerns. Was the agreement signed in a hurry with nothing good to come out of it for naga people, but just to portray that Isak Chishi Swu, who was ill for a long time, did something when he was alive? Since (IM)’s political agenda had failed to make a proper mark in Nagaland, was it done as an initiation of a future agreement following Isak Chishi Swu’s Framework Agreement without any substance? Also Read NSCN IM Breaks Silence on RIIN

After Isak’s demise, was there an attempt to allow the implementation of the final agreement in Nagaland on August 3? Was it an attempt to trick people of Nagaland into celebration for no reason with such an agreement that has no substance in it and put an end to their movement? Is the reason for keeping such an agreement hidden behind closed doors its irrelevance to the toils and troubles of nagas and its agenda being unrelated to bringing a fully democratic life to the people? It is a framework agreement with a lot of questionable matters. Also Read Naga Army continue to get hunted by Indian and Myanmar Army

Saying that the agreement has nothing harmful, yet keeping it as a secret, makes people of the neighbouring states of Nagaland extremely worried. The worry is also regarding the concern that it might disturb their historical and political structure. Their concern is also that the attempt to settle a movement by a Naga revolutionary group might bring about the disintegration of the relationships amongst various communities in their own states rooted in a historical line, which took thousands of years to build. Also Read Two Indian Army dead and three injured

On top of the confusion and the doubt, what needs to look into is the idea strongly enforced onto the people of Nagaland by (IM) to create an independent Nagalim and form a new Naga community. But there is no word for independence and the idea of Nagalim seems impossible. Thus, (IM) is planning for a new strategy by sending out a message of a united Nagalim in Nagaland and land and power for nagas in Manipur. Keeping this in mind, since United Naga Council (UNC)’s attempt of trying to not allow Manipur government administer in the hills of Manipur and to divide the land in the name of communities, is by itself exposing (IM)’s new dream. Also Read Details About Nagaland flag

This politics that does not affect much to the people of Nagaland, is becoming a reason to create chaos amongst the communities in Manipur. Ever since this (IM) disease has started spreading in the hills of Manipur, there has been various communal thoughts coming forth. Not only this, the disease seems to have affected communities other than the Manipuri nagas in the last one decade. As a result, meiteis are starting to worry of losing their land while kukis are demanding for a home land just for themselves. Also Read General Niki Sumi Story from childhood to present

As the disease starts to spread far and wide, there is an attempt to portray Manipur as a mere junction of the nagas, kukis, and the lands of nagas. When the land starts to be divided on the basis of community, the political legitimation of all the movements of Manipur is going to disappear. It is thus going. Also Read NSCN-K DENIES VIOLATING CEASEFIRE

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