How Can I Improve my Classroom Management?

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"Classroom management can be defined simply as “Be able to express thoughts and teach everything that is prepared to teach without any disturbances in which discussable topic is created with students”. Aloto Jakhalu

In India, many schools are given priority only to employers’ (teachers) degree and experiences in an interview. But the first question should be, is he really capable to control his students in classrooms? Because teachers are strictly forbidden using sticks or pinching students inside the classroom. Whereas, in every class there is a student who is really a naughty that makes teacher annoy and when a teacher scolded a student the administrator, principal and director gets a negative feedback from the parents.

The main reason of this problem is “the lack of classroom management” so, if a teacher has a good classroom management there would not be any negative comment from the parents for the school and even a teacher can teach everything that he has prepared to teach. So, unless otherwise classroom management is good the teacher’s qualification and experiences will go vain in the teaching field.

“A teacher cannot decide by himself to teach his students of what he is prepared to teach but his classroom management will decide it”. Aloto Jakhalu

Four basic avenues to enhance classroom management

1.  Dress properly

You don’t need to put on coat suet to
impress your students but just wear what you have in a proper way and make them
neat and clean. If your dress code is not good your students will not respect
you and if your student doesn’t show you any respect it will make you
impossible to control your class so, having proper dresses will really help you
in classroom management.

2.  Know your student’s name

“As you arrange your beat before you do anything”.  As a teacher the first task is to get to know his pupils’ names. Why knowing student’s name is so important? Because you cannot expect only one or two students to be in your class so, when a student disturbs the entire students in your class room you cannot scold him in a general because that will make your class more warts, so you will have to disciple him by mentioning his name, (give your special eye contact for him for some minutes) than your class will be automatically in your fingertips. But if you don’t know the name of a person who was disturbing your class it will compel you to use words such as; YOU THE LAST ONE STOOP TALKING, YOU STAND UP etc! Then you will lose your classroom management for the entire day.

3.  Get to know when and where to get students’ attention

“Think before you speak”.  The best way to manage class is to keep students under the control before they entered the class. Don't go to class to late otherwise students will started talking and playing in the class as there is no one to control them and that sprite will be in them even in your presence. Observe your students and if they started getting bore of your teaching compose some new stories by your own (not from the book or which they have known).

4.  Creativity stories

Telling stories to students in class is one of the keys to obtain good classroom management but do not spend time lavishly
by telling stories, it will make them habit listening to your stories, and it will make you to control students only by narrating stories.

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