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KOHIMA: In a landmark move, the Government of India has accepted the new political concept of Nagas in order to resolve the indo-Naga issue at the earliest thereby paving the way for building a separate entity for the Nagas. Also read Is the World coming to an end?

RH Raising, Kilo Kilonser (Home Minister) of NSCN-IM mentioned this while stating that the Government has accepted the new political ideology. Also read Gen. Niki Sumi

The peace accord signed between NSCN-IM and the Government of India was a historic achievement for the Nagas and emphasis is being given on the unique political identity of the Nagas. Also read NAGA ARMY PEACE TALK

Following this principal of understanding, the Nagas will now be allowed to have the liberty of having a separate passport and flag for peaceful co-existance between the two entities soon after the settlement of Indo-Naga issue. Also read  Details About Nagaland flag

RH Raising, Kilo Kilonser (Home Minister) of NSCN-IM stated that the Government of India has taken cognizance of the Naga issue and is willing to solve it at the earliest. Also read A Naga girl raped by Indian army

According to him, Nagas have never been an integral part of India nor did they ever sign any agreement with the Government of India to merge with the Indian Union. He also urged the people to change their concept from individualism and work together to build a stronger Naga Nation.

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Note: This article is to remind present politicians of Nagaland taken from TNT news which was published to their website on 20/ Jun 2016 and has deleted. To update this article to your website please mention the source as I mentioned as it may lead our younger generation to wrong path. (MANY NAGALAND NEWS CHANNEL HAVE COPIED THIS ARTICLE WITHOUT MENTIONING THE SOURCE THEREFORE MY WEBSITE SHALL NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBLE EVEN IF THIS NEWS PROVEN TO BE FAKE) AND Also read Inspiring Words TO REALIZE


  1. People of Nagas will be most foolish people if they are demanding so.some stupid leaders would deprive nagas to have real oppertunity to grow interms of education and economy.They should understand united with india they are protected from china.iam 100%sure these rebels are bribed rebels by china.The day nagaland will separate it will be merged with china like Tibet.And then all those stupud leaders will be kicked out.

  2. Congratulations Nagas. The Indian Brahmins and banias will never let Nagas to be free. They will suck your bloid. Go free.

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