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 “The flag is given to Nagas by the Lord our God”.

At that moment the conductor of the prayer meeting announced to the house to pray for the Naga nation. While they were praying, God spoke to them through an American woman saying:

 “I have given the rainbow flag to the Nagas. It is not inscribed by the Nagas of their own accord. I have given two flags to mankind: one to the Israelites and another one to the Nagas.”

The story was related by Rev. Vevozo on Sunday, November 26, 2000. Members from more than 200 Nations attended the prayer meeting (Christian nations).


  1. Background Sky Blue: Everlasting
  2. Rainbow Strip Red: Power 
  3.  Rainbow Strip Yellow: Harmony 
  4.  Rainbow Strip Green: Prosperity 
  5. And the White Star: Guidance, Peace & Tranquility.


There were many instances witnessed about the significance of Naga land flag some of them are as follows:

Instance No. 1: While AZ Phizo’s body was brought from London to Nagaland for burial, a rainbow was seen stretching over the Dimapur airport.

Instance No. 2: The rainbow appeared on 51st Anniversary of Naga’s Independence Day on 14th August 1998. It stretched over the Transit Peace Camp at Kohima village where Independence Day was being celebrated. I have the photo prove to this too.

Instance No. 3: The rainbow appeared while celebrating the 44th anniversary of Naga’s Republic Day on 22nd March 2000 at Nokhu village, Khiamniungan Region.

Instance No. 4: The rainbow also appeared at the funeral service of Kuhovi Zhimomi, Rali Wali Kilonser (Publicity & Information Minister), FGN on 1st December, 1973. He was killed by the Indian Police.

Instance No. 5: When NSCN Vice Chairman Khodao Yanthan passed away on 1st of March 2010 in his native village Lakhuti in Wokha district, it is said that Rainbow appeared in his village and other places on that day.

Instance No. 6: On the demise of Lt. Isak Chishi Swu, The president of NSCN/GPRN on 28th June 2016, Rainbow appeared multiple times. The Rainbow encircled the Sun when his death body was brought to Dimapur Airport and on the Funeral Day at his native Village in Kishilimi.

Instance No. 7: S S Khaphang died on 9th June 2017 in Kachin State, Myanmar; here too the Rainbow greeted him too.

Likewise there were many witnessed instances where the Rainbow appeared during the important national observance or when tall Naga leaders fall. All these indicate that the Naga National Flag is not just a mere designed but it’s a God given which is deeply imbibed and attached to Naga history and livelihood.


The Naga National flag is irrevocable and one most magnificent emblem of Naga nation adored and treasured by all. The Naga National Political groups despite the difference use the same flag (although there may be slight changes in the positioning of the star). At the same time it is observed that the Naga general public too embraced the Naga Flag dearly hence, a Political Solution without Naga Flags will be meaningless. It requires Naga public to openly display and claim that the Flag is a God given identity to the Nagas”.

It is therefore, in view of all the above cited vindications and our future prospects, the Naga National Flag should be made one main ingredient of the proposed Global Naga Mass Rally for our advantage.

It would not be wrong to deduce that, bestowing one small size Naga National Flag made of fine synthetic clothes to each and every Naga through this movement would serve many purposes. And some of the considered implications are:

1. It will generate enough funds for the proposed rally from generous and patriotic Nagas’ if the flag is attached in fund drive process.

2. It will itself serve as a sensitization and mobilization for the rally campaign.

3. It will bind us and foster the sense nationalism, togetherness, belongingness and a sense of responsibility as a Naga.

4. It will galvanize or boost the morale of the Nagas’ to turn up to the rally.

5. Most importantly it will exhibit our identity and nationality to the outside world while also promote and aggrandize our movement.

6. Global Mass Rally with maximum display of the Nagas’ Flags will open the people’s eyes worldwide and accept the fact that, Nagas have their National identity and Nagas are not Indians etc.

7. The flag will stay in the custody of every Naga (even those who couldn’t partake the demonstration) which will imprint the Global Naga Mass Rally and echoes beyond rally.

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  1. I stopped reading when I saw “Khaplang died in Kachin State”.
    Dear author, if you don’t have any idea about geography of Nagas’ land, you should ask someone who knows very well. Apologize to Nagas for it or you will be termed as betrayer/traitor. Correct it emmideatly now.

    1. Hello! Karmann, Thank you for the comment, actually this article is written by unknown person but I edited and verified from some historians in Dimapur then only I published it to my website to preserve our history however if you found any errors which can lead our young generation to wrong history please let me know so that I can edit it.

      Thank You

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