Brigadier Kurichu Indian most wanted Naga army passed away

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Brigadier Kurichu Indian most wanted Naga Army , was one of the trustworthy officer of SS. Khaplang (NSCN K) and was served at his various capacities for the right cause towards the nation.

It is learned that he was consider to be the famous and influencing standing as the “brave Naga Army” whom Naga Army takes his advice as chief.

According to the sources, Brigadier Kurichu also known as ”the hero’s of phek & Khephire districts of Nagaland”, in which out of fear, the Indian army mention him in the wanted list after ceasfire abrogations.

Also asserted that, he was admitted to the Hkamti civil hospital of Sagaing division before the situation with the tatmadaws and ended his last breath today.

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3 thoughts on “Brigadier Kurichu Indian most wanted Naga army passed away

  1. He is real Naga Army who stood the principle till his last breathe.
    We are deeply sad but inspired by your patriotism.

  2. I have never met him or met him even once but have heard many times about him so, to me he is a real naga HERO and I pay him the highest respect and I salute him.A TRUE NAGA HERO NOT KNOWN BY ALL DUE TO DIVISION IN OUR SOCIETY.RIP.

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