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The word “Tense” originally means “stretched”, and in Latin word tempus” meaning ‘Time’. There are three types of tenses, Present tensePast tense and Future tense, and in each tense, there are four sub-tenses as fallows; 

Present tense 

  1. I love (Simple present tense) 
  2. I am loving (Present continuous tense) 
  3. I have loved (Present Prefect tense) 
  4. I have been loving (Present perfect tense) 

Past tense 

  1. I loved (simple past tense) 
  2. I was loving (past continuous tense) 
  3. I had love (past perfect) 
  4. I had been loving (past perfect continuous) 

Future tense 

  1. I shall love (simple future) 
  2. I shall be loving (future continues) 
  3. I shall have loved (Future perfect) 
  4. I shall have been loving (future perfect continues) 

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