Best way to learn Adjectives

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An the adjective is a describing noun. It describes people and things.

Adjectives that tell you about size of people or things.

A big house
A Large Army
A short man
A Long Bridge

Adjectives that tell you about the color of things.

A red carpet
A Green paper
A Black shoes
A black monkey
A Yellow swan

Adjectives tell you that what people or things are like. (Quality)

A beautiful girl
A Handsome boy
A rich man
A sunny day
A brave boy

Adjectives that tell you what things are made of. (Substances)

A clay pot
A wooden spoon
A plastic folder
A jade ring
A paper bag

Adjectives that tell you which place or person or thing comes from which place they belong to. (Origin)

An Indian food
A British car
An Australian temple
A Japanese lady

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