Avoid Common Errors English

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The TV crew arrived at the scenery.

The TV crew arrived at the scene.

The scene in Cyprus is beautiful

The scenery in Cyprus is beautiful.

The dog saw his shade in the water.

The dog saw his shadow in the water.

That grocer has plenty of clients.

That grocer has plenty of customers.

That lawyer has plenty of customers.

That lawyer has plenty of clients.

Our travel to Nagaland was lovely.

Our journey to Nagaland was lovely.

Travel is a verb, used to describe any type of movement from one place to another Journey is the noun but we also use (take) trip for having a short journey.

I have poetry to learn by heart.

I have a poem to learn by heart.

Poetry is the form of literature dealing with poems. A poem is one piece of poetry.

They had a nice play of football.

They had a nice game of football.

Avoid using play in the sense game. Play means amusement’ He is fond

Of play

My elder brother has a new dress.

My elder brother has a new suit.

Only girls and women wear dresses; anyone can wear suits. Clothes is a general word We say a man in full evening dress, or morning dress for traditional, formal clothes

There were five individuals in the shop.

There were five people in the shop.

Use individual with a single person as opposed to the group: The individual must act for the good of the community.

All the streets were full of men.

All the streets were full of people.

Use people and not men w h e n the reference is to human beings in genera

The man took his woman with him.

He man took his wife with him.

What’s the cost of this watch?

What’s the price of this watch?

Price is the amount of money paid by the customer Cost is the amount paid by the shopkeeper we can say H o w much does it cost?

Value is the usefulness or importance of something The value of milk, as a food, the value of education Face value is the amount printed on a piece of-paper-money or on a postage stamp

The strong air blew her hat away.

The strong wind blew her hat away.

Air is what we breathe, and wind is what makes the leaves of the trees move

When I entered the room, I saw a book on the ground.

When I entered the room, I saw a book on the floor.

Is there place for me on the bus?

Is there room for me on the bus?

Don’t use place in the sense of room, which means here unoccupied space.

What other organ can you play?

What other instrument can you play?

The organ is a particular musical instrument used in some churches to accompany the singing of hymns. Don’t use organ to denote any other musical instrument

I’ve no appetite at all to study.

I’ve no desire at all to study.

Appetite is generally used with food. For study, work, or play we use such words as desire, disposition, and inclination.

The fire caused many damages.

The fire caused much damage.

Today I’ve many works to do.

Today I’ve a lot of work to do.

The plural form works means a factory or the writings of an author

The works of Shakespeare are many, I visited the steel works.

That man has long hairs.

That man has long hair.

Breads are sold at the baker’s.

Bread is sold at the baker’s.

Yesterday we had fishes for dinner.

Yesterday we had fish for dinner.

We didn’t have many fruits this summer.

We didn’t have much fruit this summer.

We rarely use t h e plural form fruits which means different kinds of fruit.

Cyprus produces oranges, apricots, and other fruits

The dog lay down on the grasses.

The dog lay down on the grass.

I want to buy three dozens eggs.

I want to buy three dozen eggs.

The town has fifty thousands people.

The town has fifty thousand people.

Ten sheeps are grazing the field.

Ten sheep are grazing in the held.

Sheep, deer, salmon, and a few other nouns have the same form for singular and plural. We say one sheep or ten sheep.

Karen has good knowledges of history.

Karen has a good knowledge of history.

Tom has made great progresses.

Tom has made great progress.

There were thunders and lightnings.

There was thunder and lightning.

When only one thing is meant we say a clap of Thunder and a flash or bolt of lightning

They’re now using new machineries.

They’re now using new machinery.

Machinery is a singular noun and always takes a singular! Verb and pronoun we can say a piece of machinery or pieces of machinery.

Mathematics are not easy to learn.

Mathematics is not easy to learn.

All her money are kept in the bank.

All her money is kept in the bank.

I’m glad that the news are good.

I’m glad that the news is good.

News, though plural in form, always takes a singular verb If only one thing is meant we say a piece or an item of news this is a good piece of news.

The scissor is lying on the table.

The scissors are lying on the table.

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